Sabtu, 09 Juli 2016

minahasa highland and hiking mahawu volcano tour 9 july 2016 guided one fanily from denmark

fanily thomas anderson on thep of mahawu volcano with guide jotje lala

turguoise fly catcher bird on the top of mahawu volcano photo by sulawesi bird guide jotje lala

lunch at astomy restaurant tondano lake north sulawesi indonesia

swmmin on toraget hospring minahasa high north sulawesi
north sulawesi ninahasa highland tour and hiking mahawu volcano 9 july 2016.
guidejojelala guided one family from denmark.
started from onong palace reort tomohon city nort sulawesi indonesia

tomohon market

mahawu volcano crater

rurukan village hill

north sulawesi family information tour.
mobilephone :+6281340310671

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